Stolen Season Affiche de film

Stolen Season

  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Pascal Payant
  • Producer(s): Abbey Siegworth, Lathen Gorbett, Marie-Christine Chabot, Noëlle Toland, Pascal Payant
  • Writer(s): Pascal Payant
  • Studio: Y-US Productions
  • Length: 1h 38m
  • Official Site:


As a teenager, Ariane (Abbey Siegworth) ran with a fast crowd and became pregnant when she was just seventeen. Her father demanded she give the child up for adoption and relinquish her parental rights, which she did, knowing she couldn't give the baby the life she wanted for him. Afterwards, Ariane cleaned up her act and went on to become a successful family therapist.

Seventeen years later, when she gets a new patient — a troubled teen who was adopted — she begins to suspect he's the child she gave up.


Abbey Siegworth, Matthew Bilodeau, Mike Markoff, Challen Cates, Noelle Toland, Kenz Lawren, Lowell Deo, Burton Binder, Asher Deva, Cecily Crow
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