The Biggest Little Farm Affiche de film

The Biggest Little Farm

Une ferme plus grande que nature

  • Release Date: May 17, 2019 (limited)
  • Genre: Documentary

  • Director: John Chester
  • Producer(s): John Chester, Sandra Keats
  • Writer(s): John Chester, Mark Monroe
  • Studio: Elevation Pictures
  • Length: 1h 31m | Classification: G
  • Official Site:
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After adopting a rescue dog, John and Molly Chester decide to move from Los Angeles to a 240-acre farm in Moorpark, California in order to grow food without the use of chemicals.

Without a farm background, the two get help from eccentric biodynamic expert Alan York. They revive an irrigation pond, build a worm compost facility, tend to an orchard with a variety of fruit, and get a pregnant sow named Emma, who gives birth to more piglets than they'd expected.

However, they find a lot of challenges as well, including California wildfires, saving their crops from snail infestation, dealing humanely and respectfully with coyotes who would like to make a meal of their ducks, and saving an orphaned lamb.


John Chester, Molly Chester
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