The Burnt Orange Heresy Affiche de film

The Burnt Orange Heresy

  • Genre: Drama, Thriller

  • Director: Giuseppe Capotondi
  • Producer(s): David Lancaster, David Zander, William Horberg
  • Writer(s): Scott B. Smith
  • Studio: GEM Entertainment
  • Length: 1h 38m


When an art collector hires ambitious art critic Jacques Figueras (Claes Bang) to steal a rare painting by the great modern painter Jacques Debirue, who refuses to sell his paintings, the buyer doesn't care how the art is collected, even if it involves murder. The fast-talking, womanizing, backstabbing Figueras will stop at nothing as he becomes consumed by his own greed and insecurity when the operation spins out of control.

Based on the novel of the same name by Charles Willeford.


Claes Bang, Elizabeth Debicki, Mick Jagger, Donald Sutherland
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