The Cleaners

  • Release Date: June 22, 2018 (limited)
  • Genre: Documentary

  • Director: Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck
  • Producer(s): Christian Beetz, Georg Tschurtschenthaler
  • Writer(s): Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck
  • Studio: Blue Ice Docs
  • Length: 1h 28m


The question of what can be shared by whom online is one of the largest and nuanced ethical questions of our time. Mark Zuckerberg ostensibly wanted Facebook to be used as a tool to "share anything with anyone." His vision has become a reality of our everyday life. We inhabit a world in which nothing is private anymore.

In the current political landscape, news is now consumed via social media and through companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook. The public demands of transparency and accountability from these companies have created a new line of interesting work. The Cleaners follows the people behind the fascinating job of "content moderators" who are tasked with deciding what content is acceptable and what content is unacceptable.

We see their working conditions in Manila and the psychological stress they experience as a result of their jobs. As we discover, their decision to delete or ignore a red flag can have global impacts. The film features a timely dialogue around the ethical questions of free speech as it relates to the technological landscape of today.
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