The Eternal Daughter Affiche de film

The Eternal Daughter

  • Release Date: December 2, 2022 (limited)
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery

  • Director: Joanna Hogg
  • Producer(s): Andrew Lowe, Ed Guiney
  • Writer(s): Joanna Hogg
  • Studio: Photon Films
  • Length: 1h 36m
  • Official Site:


An artist and her elderly mother confront long-buried secrets when they return to a former family home, now a hotel haunted by its mysterious past. Featuring a towering, deeply moving performance by Tilda Swinton, acclaimed filmmaker Joanna Hogg's beguiling latest film is a brilliant and captivating exploration of parental relationships and the things we leave behind.


Tilda Swinton, Joseph Mydell, Carly-Sophia Davies, Zinnia Davies-Cooke, August Joshi, Alfie Sankey-Green
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