The Grizzlie Truth Affiche de film

The Grizzlie Truth

  • Release Date: December 9, 2022 (limited)
  • Genre: Documentary, Sports

  • Director: Kat Jayme, Kathleen Jayme
  • Producer(s): James Brown, Michael Grand
  • Writer(s): Kat Jayme
  • Studio: Photon Films
  • Length: 1h 37m
  • Official Site:


To diehard fans of NBA franchise the Vancouver Grizzlies, like filmmaker Kat Jayme, the team’s abrupt move to Memphis in 2001 is much more than a sore spot, it’s an unsolved mystery and possibly a criminal conspiracy. What begins as a superfan’s investigation into her hometown team’s disappearance, becomes a love letter to the worst professional sports franchise in history, and an exploration of the deep roots of fandom.


Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Mike Bibby
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