The Hi-Lo Country Affiche de film

The Hi-Lo Country

  • Release Date: January 22, 1999
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

  • Director: Stephen Frears
  • Producer(s): Martin Scorsese, Tim Bevan, Barbra De Fina
  • Studio: Gramercy


A couple of ranchers experience romantic complications when they both fall truly, madly and deeply in love with a married woman in post World War II Mexico.

Director Frears says that Harrelson -- who took on his role after Sean Penn couldn’t come to terms on his salary -- "[is] very believable as a cowboy." Considering he’s already played one on screen once (The Cowboy Way) that’s not surprising. Heck, you could even say he’s played a cowboy twice if you count Money Train as a western -- two guys with guns, a train robbery, a woman they’re both in love with ... sound like a familiar theme?


Patricia Arquette, James Gammon, Billy Crudup, Woody Harrelson, Cole Hauser
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