The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches

La petite fille qui aimait trop les allumettes

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Living in isolation in a dilapidated mansion in the depths of the countryside, a teenage girl named Brother, who was raised as a boy, and her younger brother Son have to figure out what to do after their father commits suicide.

Brother tells Son that they’ll have to go live at an orphanage, but Son decides to take his father’s place as the oppressive male of the house. Brother travels to the nearby village, but when she enters the church with her horse, the priest orders her to be tied up and locked away until after Mass.

Thanks to a surveyor who frees her, the teenager discovers that her father had hidden the truth about their family. Haunted by visions of the past, Brother gradually remembers the horrible tragedy that occurred when she was a girl and realizes she has to get away from her childhood home.


Marine Johnson, Antoine L'Écuyer, Jean-François Casabonne
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