The Rage in Placid Lake Affiche de film

The Rage in Placid Lake

The Rage in Placid Lake

  • Release Date: May 28, 2004
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama

  • Director: Tony McNamara
  • Producer(s): Marian MacGowan
  • Writer(s): Tony McNamara
  • Studio: TVA Films
  • Length: 1h 30m
  • Official Site:
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Placid Lake's (Ben Lee) life has never been normal, from his early years when his mother sent him to school in a dress to challenge the other five-year-old children's 'preconceived notions of sexuality,' he should have guessed that fitting in was not going to be easy.

Fortunately for Placid, Gemma, the crayon-gobbling scientific genius in awe of no one but her father is also having a few 'blending in' issues.

They develop a firm friendship through the years during which their own peculiar parents attempt to drag them up and hurl them into adulthood, and they both discover the binding passion between them is a desperate bid for the elusive … 'normal life.'


Ben Lee, Miranda Richardson, Garry McDonald, Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hammond
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