The Rooster of St. Victor Affiche de film

The Rooster of St. Victor

Le coq de St-Victor

  • Release Date: February 21, 2014
  • Genre: Animation, Family

  • Director: Pierre Greco
  • Producer(s): Nancy Florence Savard
  • Writer(s): Johanne Mercier, Pierre Greco
  • Studio: Equinoxe Films
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The residents of the prosperous town of St-Victor can’t bear being woken up every morning, even on holidays, at 4 a.m. by the mayor’s rooster. They come up with a plan to get rid of it. The bird is traded for a donkey who’s supposed to bring good luck. However, the outcome predicted by their mayor comes true: the villagers sleep in every morning and worse, neglect their work. The farmer doesn’t take care of his crops. The baker doesn’t bake bread. The handyman doesn’t do anything at all. Feeling that their village’s existence is threatened, a small group of citizens decide to get the rooster back.


Anne Dorval, Guy Jodoin, Guy Nadon, Luc Guérin, Paul Ahmarani, Alexis Martin, Mariloup Wolfe, Benoît Brière, Martin Drainville, Gaston Lepage
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