The Son of Warrior Affiche de film

The Son of Warrior

  • Genre: Action

  • Producer(s): Gurpreet Singh, Prathiba Shah, Vihaan Dand
  • Length: 1h 50m


This is a story about a young man called Arjun. Somewhere on the other side of the village there is a man who lives in Haveli known as "Havelli wale Bai G." To enter this village there is a long route and a short route. The short route is locked.

Arjun raises his voice for the people of this village, but enmity is sparked between Arjun and Bai G and his brother when Arjun's family is brutally attacked. Angry and hurt, Arjun plans to avenge his family and seek justice for the people of his village.


Satwant Kaur, Paramveer Singh, Yashika Kapoor, Anita Shabdesh, Victor John
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