Timon of Athens - Stratford Festival HD

  • Release Date: April 22, 2018 (limited)
  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Barry Avrich
  • Producer(s): Barry Avrich
  • Writer(s): William Shakespeare
  • Studio: Melbar Entertainment Group
  • Length: 2h 00m
  • Official Site: stratfordfestival.ca/hd


Athenian nobleman Timon (Joseph Ziegler) is known for his generosity as he gives lavish gifts to his friends and entertains them with extravagant hospitality. When his money runs out, he asks his "friends" for help but they refuse him. So he throws one last party revealing a dramatic change in his attitude to the world.


Joseph Ziegler, Michael Spencer-Davis, Ben Carlson, Tim Campbell
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