Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) Affiche de film

Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)

  • Genre: Drame

  • Réalisateur: Eva Husson
  • Producteur: Didar Domehri, Gael Nouaille, Laurent Baudens
  • Scénario: Eva Husson
  • Studio: Films Distribution
  • Durée: 1h 38m


In Biarritz France, beautiful teenager George (Marilyn Lima) desires Alex (Finnegan Oldfield) and will do anything to keep his attention on her. Since his sense of intimacy is purely physical, she must continuously up her game to keep him interested. The increasing intensity of their relationship eventually brings George's friends Laetitia (Daisy Broom), Nikita (Fred Hotier), and Gabriel (Lorenzo Lefebvre) into the picture.

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Finnegan Oldfield, Daisy Broom, Fred Hotier, Lorenzo Lefebvre, Marilyn Lima
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