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French Blood Affiche de film

French Blood

  • Genre: Drame

  • Réalisateur: Diastème
  • Producteur: Marielle Duigou, Philippe Lioret
  • Scénario: Diastème
  • Studio: Indie Sales
  • Durée: 1h 37m


Marco (Alban Lenoir) is a member of Front National, a white-supremacist group in France. Like the others in the group, Marco believes in an 'us' versus 'them' mentality and wars against the immigrants who are flocking to his country.

Marco starts off in the lowest ranks of the group but he ascends as the Front National becomes part of France's mainstream political scene. Eventually, he leaves the street behind and becomes a powerful member. As his climb through the Front National continues, his life is complicated by his own changing perspective.

En vedette

Alban Lenoir, Paul Hamy, Samuel Jouy, Patrick Pineau
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