Living Like the Land Affiche de film

Living Like the Land

Ceux comme la terre

  • Date de sortie: vendredi 30 janvier 2015 (limité)
  • Genre: Documentaire

  • Producteur: Karina Soucy
  • Scénario: Nicolas Paquet
  • Studio: Les Films du 3 mars
  • Durée: 1h 13m
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A portrait of the Dene people, who live in the Northwest Territories and René Fumoleau, a young French missionary who arrived there in 1953 intending to evangelize them. However, he soon rallies to their cause and for more than 60 years, has fought alongside them in their struggle against brutal colonialism. He published a book that became an essential reference on the topic, titled As Long As This Land Shall Last. This film takes a look at Fumoleau and the Denes’ way of life on the shores of Great Slave Lake, where they continue to struggle to protect their land and culture.

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