No Clue Affiche de film

No Clue

  • Release Date: March 7, 2014 (limited)
  • Genre: Comedy

  • Director: Carl Bessai
  • Producer(s): James Brown, Brent Butt
  • Writer(s): Brent Butt
  • Studio: Entertainment One
  • Length: 1h 36m


When Kyra (Amy Smart) walks into Leo's (Brent Butt) office and says she wants to hire a private eye to help find her missing brother, Leo realizes she's in the wrong office. Even though he's is in advertising, Leo knows the detective across the hall is away and takes this opportunity to help the beautiful woman out.

Thinking it's not as hard as it looks, Leo digs deep into Kyra’s background and finds there is more to the story than meets the eye. With a web of corruption, fraud and murder, Leo gets in too deep for his own good.

  Canadian Connection: Filmed in British Columbia. Screenwriter/star Brent Butt is Canadian, as are other cast members.


Brent Butt, Amy Smart, David Koechner, Dustin Milligan, Kirsten Prout
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