Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan Biography:


Date of Birth: November 19, 1961

America always needs a sweetheart. In fact, the first "America's Sweetheart" was Canadian Mary Pickford. Meg Ryan who inherited that title after her comedic turns in such films as Sleepless in Seattle and When Harry Met Sally.

In the latter film you'd have to take it as sign as how much America has changed since Mary Pickford had the title of "America's Sweetheart" since Ryan's most famous scene in the movie is her faked orgasm as she has lunch with Billy Crystal. About that little bit of acting, Meg says, "It's only afterwards that this thing comes into your head and you go, "Ohhhhhh, my God! What did I just do?"

Born in Fairfield, Connecticut, Meg cut her early acting teeth in the daytime soap opera As The World Turns before gravitating to meatier roles, including her ballsy wife role in Top Gun.

Meg comes from a troubled background and remains estranged from her mother who left the family when Meg was just a child. Meg says of herself, "I used to sort of really think of myself as a lousy person. Now I'm done with that. But believe me, I'm not the poster child for the well adjusted. That I know."

Meg married actor Dennis Quaid on February 14, 1991, but they divorced in July 2001 after she allegedly had an affair with her co-star, Russell Crowe. Not only her marriage, but her career took a nose dive in the years following, with her "America's Sweetheart" status shattered. Meg has a grown son with Dennis, named Jack. Since her divorce, she has also adopted a daughter, Daisy, and has dated John Mellencamp, but is now single.


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