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Dan Levy Biography:

A native of Toronto, Ontario, Dan Levy has been surrounded by the entertainment industry since he was born. The son of award-winning actor Eugene Levy and screenwriter Deborah Devine, he was given the chance to learn the industry early on. Getting into musical theatre when studying at the North Toronto Collegiate Institute, Dan went on to study film production at the Toronto Metropolitan University in post-secondary.

Dan got his start on camera in 2006, hosting the Canadian program MTV Live, and stayed with the show until 2011. He made his mark on the industry early, becoming a co-writer, co-host, and co-producer of The After Show, while also hosting his personal holiday special and the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

His first acting job was in the Degrassi: The Next Generation TV film Degrassi Goes Hollywood (2009), playing Robbie, the studio producer of the film on which the students are aiming to work on.

He went on to play Jack Dayton in the film Cyberstalker (2012). In Admission (2013), Dan appeared as James, a supporting character in the story of a Princeton University admissions officer who visits a high school, and stumbles upon an old college friend.

As well, in 2013 Dan founded the company Not a Real Company Productions alongside his father and uncle. It was under this company that Dan and his father began writing the show Schitt's Creek, his biggest project to date. Premiering on CBC in 2015, Schitt's Creek follows the life of a wealthy family who finds themselves broke, and living in a town they had bought years prior as a joke. Starring as David Rose, Dan was also a main writer and producer for the show.

Schitt’s Creek is considered one of the most successful Canadian comedies of all time, winning a total of nine Primetime Emmys for the final season alone. The show holds the record as the first comedy series to win all the major awards such as best comedy series, best actor, best supporting actor, and more. Dan himself holds the record for most Primetime Emmys won by one person in a single award show, taking home four.

Dan has been credited for his writing and portrayal of LGBTQIA+ characters and stories throughout the series, creating awareness and bringing attention to the communities people and issues.

A huge dog lover, Dan used to have a rescue dachshund-corgi mix named Redmond. The two were best friends, which led to Dan consistently encouraging people to adopt dogs. Sadly in 2020, Redmond passed away, but trying to keep high spirits Dan said, "Heartbroken but grateful for every minute of the last ten years that I got to spend with him."

Dan appeared on the 2023 HBO show The Idol and plays the role of Vic in the Disney film Haunted Mansion (2023).


Haunted Mansion (2023)
The Idol (2023)
Happiest Season (2020)
Stage Fright (2014)
Admission (2013)
Cyberstalker (2012)

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