Confessions of a Hitman


  • Release Date: July 20, 2022 (limited)
  • Genre: Drama

  • Director: Luc Picard
  • Producer(s): Christian Larouche
  • Writer(s): Sylvain Guy
  • Studio: Les Films Opale
  • Length: 1h 49m
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CONFESSIONS OF A HITMAN chronicles the life of one of the most prolific contract killers of our time, with 28 murders and 12 attempted murders, most of them senior members of the Hells Angels, the mafia and organized crime. At one point, Gallant also became a police informant and didn’t hesitate to sell out those around him. How did this stuttering little man with fragile health and a modest IQ, living with his pious and generous wife in a neat house in the heart of a quiet neighborhood, manage to thwart the most hardened criminals — as well as the police?


Luc Picard, David La Haye, Sandrine Bisson, Éveline Gélinas, Dany Boudreault
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