The Princess Switch: Switched Again (Netflix)

  • Genre: Drama, Family, Romance, Holiday

  • Director: Mike Rohl
  • Producer(s): Brad Krevoy, Steven R. McGlothen, Vanessa Hudgens
  • Writer(s): Robin Bernheim, Megan Metzger
  • Studio: Netflix
  • Length: 1h 37m
  • Official Site:


Lady Margaret Delacourt (Vanessa Hudgens), the Duchess of Montenaro, unexpectedly inherits the throne to Montenaro, and with the duties that come along with the job, she neglects Kevin, which leads to a break up.

When Stacy (Vanessa Hudgens) receives an invitation to Margaret's coronation, she decides to make sure Kevin comes with her, in an effort to get the star-crossed lovers back together. However, Margaret's chief of staff, Antonio Rossi (Lachlan Nieboer), is doing all he can to steal Margaret's heart.

Not only that, Margaret's lookalike cousin, party girl Fiona (Vanessa Hudgens), shows up. Having spent her own inheritance, she wants to get her hands on Margaret's money and decides to kidnap her cousin so she can take her place.


Vanessa Hudgens, Sam Palladio, Nick Sagar, Suanne Braun, Mark Fleischmann
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