Lost Girls & Love Hotels

  • Genre: Drama, Thriller

  • Director: William Olsson
  • Producer(s): Lauren Mann, Lawrence Inglee
  • Writer(s): Catherine Hanrahan
  • Studio: VVS Films
  • Length: 1h 37m


Margaret (Alexandra Daddario) is an American expatriate living in Tokyo, Japan. By day she works as an English instructor for flight attendants at a Japanese flight academy, and by night she is a heavy drinker, seeking submissive one night stands with local men using the city's numerous love hotels.

One such encounter comes with a yakuza enforcer named Kazu (Takehiro Hira), with whom she begins a relationship. However, it's a tumultuous one and sends Margaret spiraling further down into hopelessness as her life in Japan begins to unravel around her.


Alexandra Daddario, Takehiro Hira, Carice van Houten, Andrew Rothney, Misuzu Kanno
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